Viburnum Pruning

Virburnum Pruning Video transcription:

You can there are good examples of viburnum and burning bushes that we gave a real hard cut too

We did this about a month ago with a chainsaw, believe it or not, and the one thing you can notice is that they all are coming out with new leaves. You can see a real hard cut on them.

Browns can take some real nasty cut pruning before they die, but one thing you can see that’s obvious is that right now they should be flowering, but they have very few flower. There is one flower over here. The reason for that is that Viburnums, and such plant that are determinate, have the flower buds that are created as a result of last year’s growth, so if you cut off all last year’s growth you won’t have any flowers this year. That’s why when you prune these you should prune these after they flower, and once these new stalks start hardening off. That way when the buds are formed for next year they have flowers for you. Anyway, you can see if you can cut them these guys were like 15 foot tall. They were massive tall trees. We could have about three foot because that’s what we usually do.

I even had some friends come out and said that I was going to kill these guys because I trimmed too hard, but you can see they still come back my Viburnums are a very resilient plant. You can see the number of shoots that they’re putting up.

Yes, then they did you kind of know, more like that they come back to me thicker and forth.

Now this is a burning bush you cut back hard . Yes,and what happened? Geen bushes,well they are also saved. Anwhere they could get a lot of unnecessary cutting back they are very resilient. Great. But, these trees were so big that they were blocking the sunlight to other trees. For example, this is a Japanese red maple and it had just languished on this one side of the tree because these bushes were taking all the light from it. So, it affected the quality and growth of other trees, so cutting down and cutting back on shrubs and nursery stock actually can help them and give you a better prune.

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Well, it’s a month later. You can see. Look at the bushes. They’re very thick and full, much thicker and full than when we when we started.

Again, these guys are going to grow very fast and need pruning regularly to avoid growing too tall too fast. They will, if you let them, they will get to the same height, again. Rapidly, within two or three years they’ll be the same height. You can keep coming up and down with the height if you want or you can just let them grow up again. Will be nice tall big bushes.

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