Sutton Coldfield Tree Surgeon

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive sutton coldfield tree surgeon and aborist service. We operate at prices which you can afford. You are welcome to give us a call to ask us for our expert advice and guidance without obligation.

Trees need to be managed and maintained so that they can be properly preserved and enjoyed by their owners. We always use our educated knowledge when assessing your needs and we take your budget into account. We hope that you will appreciate the work that we carry out for you and that you are thoroughly pleased with the outcome.

Our Pruning Services

We can help you tree pruning which can often involve reducing the size of a tree so that it allows more light into your garden or does not grow too large and unwieldy.

We can often help to shape the crown of a tree so that it is has a better shape. This can be especially useful where a tree has become overgrown.

We can remove a tree for you, even if it is very tall. This is done by gradually shortening the tree until finally we can access the trunk. We can remove the tree stump for you as well, if you wish.

We are in Sutton Coldfield: Tree Surgeon is Our Business

There are times when there is urgent or emergency work to be carried out, such as when there has been a high wind. We will remove broken branches or even whole trees if the need arises and we will attempt to do so as quickly as possible.

You may have a tree stump that needs removing but our tree maintenance service also gives you the option of grinding instead, which will leave the tree stump level with the rest of the ground around it.

Some people find that their ivy has grown too tall and needs either cutting back or removing entirely, and we are happy to perform this task for you.

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Tree Diseases Help

Your trees may have caught some sort of disease and we are able to professionally diagnose all of the usual problems such as cankers, fungi, rusts and wilts. At Sutton Coldfield Tree Surgeon we are experienced in these matters and are happy to help you with them.

Leylandii Pruning Additional Services

An Arborist can play a key role in the care of your garden area. We can give guidance on the upkeep of your trees so that you can plan how to maintain them and maximise their health and your pleasure from them.

Although it may be tempting to take on larger tree felling jobs your self, we believe that it is better and safer to let a professional take care of it for you. We have the training and experience as well as the equipment to carry out tree surgery on larger trees. Our acquired skills mean that you will have less hassle and end up with a well maintained tree that looks at its best and is aesthetically pleasing.

There is also the one job that nobody likes – the clearing up. Felling or pruning a tree leaves a lot of material to dispose of. We always ensure that the site is left clean and tidy and remove all of the waste material for you, leaving you with a tidy and neat garden.

Please call us now on 0774 921 1349 for your Sutton Coldfield Tree Surgeon or use our Contact Page to email us.