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We are specialist hedge trimmers who can take of all of your needs no matter what the size of the job. We are friendly and polite to deal with and we are happy to help you. Looking after your hedge is our pleasure.

Looking after hedges is no small matter. Even relatively small hedges can require quite a good deal of work and the larger hedges can prove quite overwhelming. We have the specialist skills, knowledge, experience and equipment to take of any job, big or small.

There are many homes around Sutton Coldfield that have hedges in either the from to rear garden, and quite often in both. They serve to give a boundary to your property, add greenery and provide important habitat for all sorts of wildlife. People use them to form a barrier against traffic and noise as well as to provide privacy from the outside world. They can be such an important part of your garden.

Furthermore, hedges can define pathways and borders for different parts of the garden as well as hiding away working areas where you may keep all of the unsightly stuff like tools, bins or your compost heap.

Your hedges have taken years, maybe decades, to become established so it is worth making sure that your hedge trimmer is someone who has the appropriate knowledge and experience. It is all too easy to cut a hedge in a poor manner which does great harm to it. Better to make sure that you use a professional gardening service and get the no done right first time. After all, you have to live with the consequences.

We will be pleased to discuss your needs and make an assessment of what needs to be done. There is no charge for us to call out and look at things for you and we will provide you with a written estimate for you to consider and get back to us, if you wish. There is no obligation and no pressure. We will agree a time and date that is convenient for you if you wish to proceed. We also offer a Sutton Coldfield Tree Surgeon service.

The Top of Hedges

You may have to think about how you want to have the top of your hedge trimmed. A flat top looks very nice but it can be damaged by snow or ice so a top that slopes in some way might be a better approach.

When You Should Trim a Hedge

There are a few things to bear in mind when choosing what time of year to prune the hedges. A new hedge will need cutting back in the winter or early spring and this is known as Formative pruning.

Following this, when a hedge has become more established, you move on to Maintenance trimming which is most normally done between the spring and the summer.

hedge trimming sutton coldfield

However, we would point out that you need to take into account nesting birds, too. It is a good idea to check if there are any birds nesting in your hedge because they do so from March to August, in which case you may need to think again and put off trimming until a little later.

You can trim after August and into the autumn but it depends on the particular tree that is involved. Some types are more limited than others.

Take Care With The Tools

Hedge trimmers may look fancy but they are tools, not toys. They are designed to give a nice clean cut without any shredding of the plant that they are being used upon. These tools are quite heavy and the operator needs to know how to hold and use them correctly so that they do not get dropped.

It is also important to ensure that the blades are kept sharp so that the tools can operate at their maximum efficiency both for speed and accuracy. A sharp blade also leaves a better looking job, too.

Obviously, we take care of all these matters so you do not have to work about them. We take care of all the aspects of security making sure that we wear the proper protective eyewear and clothing.

Topiary in Sutton Coldfield

The practice of clipping hedges (or perennial plants such as shrubs or trees) into recognisable figures is known as Topiary. The shapes can be geometric or humorous and it has become quite an art form. It is believed that this practice goes back to Roman times in Europe but it has occurred in many other parts of the world, too.

You can find out more about gardening at the RHS.

Pruning Leylandii

This is an incredibly fast growing tree. Although people often refer to a line of them as a hedge they are, in fact, trees. They have just been lined up and trimmed to look like a hedge.

Its Latin name is Cuprocyparis Leylandii but it is also known as Leyland cypress. You may have your own name for this tree which can grow very tall very quickly, calling for frequent maintenance if it is not to block out the light. However, please go easy on it because such trees are extremely good at filtering out atmospheric pollution and we need all the help that we can get in that regard.

Leylandii can grow to an amazing 20 metres (60 ft) in height so they really need to be cut back on a regular basis, normally annually. We will be pleased to take this burden from you. It is best to trim the Leylandii in such a way that it will be encouraged to fill out and thicken.

Please remember that overly tall Leylandii causes many disputes between neighbours every year and the this can prove to be a costly event, both in terms of time and money. Our advice is to stay on top of things and not to let them get too tall and out of hand.

There are some pruning tips over at pruning.

Gardening Services - Get In Touch

We will be very happy to make an appointment to come and meet you. Please give us a call now on 0774 921 1349 so that we can make arrangements. You can also get in touch with us on our Contact Page but a phone call is always quickest and easiest if you able to do so.